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Umbro El Salvador 2023/24 Official Third Jersey Black:  Inspired by the majestic ruins scattered throughout El Salvador, such as Tazumal, Joya de Cerén, and San Andrés, the design of  third kit encapsulates the rich history and enduring spirit of the nation. These archaeological sites hold deep significance, representing the resilience, creativity, and heritage that define The people.

 Features: Reflecting the architecture of the ruins, the jersey features a captivating pattern inspired by the towering stacks of enormous square blocks found in these ancient sites. The primary color of the shirt is sleek black, symbolizing strength and power. The contrasting blue and neon yellow details add a bold and vibrant touch, creating a visually striking contrast. The graphic patterns inspired by the ruins adorn the sleeve cuffs and collar, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the jersey. The chest proudly displays the iconic "ES" logo in black, with blue and yellow outlines, symbolizing the unity and pride of the El Salvador national team.

100% Polyester.