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Reusch Ortho Tec goalkeeper glove finger protection system offering more flexibility, lighter weight, while increasing the support in the fingers and thumb for advanced GKs. G3 fusion all weather game latex for the best balance of grip and durability in the Reusch USA goalie glove range. Available online while supplies last.


Reusch's best in class G3 Fusion all weather game latex. The German engineered and manufactured G3 Fusion foam is a combination of hard ground and soft ground foam to increase the balance of grip and durability for advanced goalkeepers. Turf, training, and games can be harsh on our gloves.  To increase the connection to each and every save and catch Reusch has added COMFORT TIPS™. These are Silicone dots on the inside of the glove’s finger tips maximize the contact between hand and glove for best ball control.  There is a lot to the REUSCH ATTRAKT G3 FUSION ORTHO-TEC GOALIATOR and to increase the flexibility on the palm side. Reusch has added ERGONOMIC EXTRA PALM EMBOSSING that follows the natural lines of the hand for optimal glove flexibility. EXPANDED FINGER TIPS EFT Maximize the surface area around the finger tips. This ensures the biggest possible latex-to-ball contact area and guarantees even better control while minimizing any extra material. DURAGUARD™ Latex palm patch on the lower palm offers extra abrasion resistance and longer wear. During diving or breakaway saves putting your hand down on the ground is necessary.  DURAGUARD™ patch offers a little more durability where a goalkeeper needs it. ROLLED THUMB™ wraps the palm latex around the inner side of thumb to increase control and latex to ball contact. To increase the durability of the seams Reusch has added a 3D THUMB CROTCH™ offers rolled crotch construction eliminating open seams which tear more easily along with an ergonomic fit and maximum comfort.


Reusch goalie gloves feature the best finger protection system available. The patented Reusch Ortho Tec fingersave now feature a lighter more flexible finger spine.  The finger and thumb spine are removable through the backhand. The newly engineered Reusch exclusive construction are thinner and more bendable than the past generation ortho tec system. The ergonomic shape totally adapts to the natural movements of the fingers and blocks movements before the fingers are being pushed backwards into the injury zone.  Tested and certified system reduces the risk of hyperextension of the fingers. The new zipper-less entry system guarantees free movement of the hand and quick removal of the finger protection.  


Pro Latex backhand and embossing adds comfort and flexibility throughout. PROFLEX™ 4-way stretch technology allows the glove more flexibility to move and yet retain a great fit. Finger protection always adds an element of rigidity. Higher end technology and material such as Proflex and varying flex zones allow for flexibility. BACKHAND SIDE WRAP™ extends backhand material around side of the palm for extra durability. The palm latex is extended around the inner side of thumb. SHOCKSHIELD™ ADVANCED provides additional protection for the keeper when punching the ball or getting stepped on during play. AIRVENTSYSTEM™ keeps the goalkeepers’ hands cool and breathable with mesh material thereby providing optimal air circulation.


The cut of the Reusch glove is a hybrid of the best features of a roll, flat, and negative cut to provide more latex to ball contact and eliminate any extra material. The Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Ortho Tec Goaliator has a DUAL ROLLED EXPANSE CUT ESS™ The anatomical shape of the glove and the pre-splayed fingers enhance the glove’s wearing comfort and support a natural catching position. Larger surface area means more control and more saves. Ergonomic roll features insure the tighter more custom fit.


In any Ruesch goalie glove the closure is the goalkeeper's first experience with the glove. It is important to fit snug, feel like part of the hand, and pull on and off easily.  Reusch USA has brought the advanced goalkeeper an exceptionally comfortable and custom closure system. A LONGER ELASTIC CUFF makes for more control and a better fit. The longer cuff bonds the glove to the hand and wrist area creating a more comfortable supportive fit. ASYMMETRIC SLIP-ON CUFF™ Gives a better fit and additional protection over the wrist bone. LATEX HALF ELASTIC STRAP with neoprene tab and rubber end and PULL LOOP SYSTEM™ for ease of entry or taking off.


The REUSCH ATTRAKT G3 FUSION ORTHO-TEC GOALIATOR is an advanced goalkeeper glove for advanced goalies. Best used in games to increase the life of the glove.  


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