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Chile Home Soccer Jersey, popularly referred to as La Roja, will be worn into 2011. As you all know this includes the COPA America tournament in July. Chile last reached the COPA America final in 1987 and we're hoping this new flash of red will help them do it again this time around.

PUMA put a ton of passion into this strip. But for all the technical experts out there, Chile's home soccer jersey has a good deal of science in it as well. PUMA used 3D Motion Analysis to study all the movements a soccer player goes through while in action pretty technical stuff. Everything PUMA learned from this has gone into the creation of the Chile Home Kit; from the power cut lines on the collar and sleeves, to the emphatic shaping of the chest. This soccer jersey is Chilean in every way.

Comes with official licensed Player N&N of Sanchez #7.