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Adidas Predator Edge.1 firm ground Junior cleats in white/yellow/blue colors.

The highlight on the latest Predator edition is adidas Zone Skin – strategically positioned rubber ribs engineered to assist in all aspects of boot-to-ball contact. You’ll find them across the instep and toe box, where they’ll enable swerve and optimize power transfer as you stand tall along the periphery of skill. Elsewhere, a Facet Frame outsole delivers efficient and dynamic traction, featuring a Power Facet on top-tier models. The Power Facet is a weighted forefoot piece that redistributes weight towards the front of the shoe, further enhancing power transfer to the ball. Finally, a Facet Fit collar provides a highly adaptive fit with secure lockdown and easy step-in. With this boot, you’re on the brink of something special, the verge of a breakthrough, the Edge of greatness.

• Fit: Facet Fit Collar is a premium, laceless, two-piece build providing a highly adaptive fit, secure foot lock-in and ease of access.
• Touch: Zone Skin uses strategically placed rubber ribs to enhance swerve and power transfer to the ball.

• Movement: The Facet Frame outsole, developed using split tooling technology, delivers highly efficient positional transitions and dynamic traction. Along with a Power Facet installation in the forefoot of the advanced models, this facet slightly weights the toe, optimizing even more power transfer.