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Adidas Germany World cup 2018 home  shirt.Embroidered team crest and logo.Mix of V- and round neck.Inside the neck is the colors of the flag in red/black/gold.`Die Mannschaft`graphic is at the back of the neck.3 black stripes on the shoulders.

Predominantly white, the Germany 2018 World Cup shirt reinterprets the iconic 1990 top in a modern way. Instead of featuring the colors of the German flag, the graphic design across the upper front of the Germany 2018 home shirt features shades of grey and black that are created using differently sized black lines.

The chest band is also reverted and moved higher up the shirt compared to the 1990 top, with the front numbers appearing centered just below the shape. The overlap collar of the Germany 2018 is a copy of the one used on the original shirt.

Subsequently, the Germany 2018 World Cup home is based on the new Climachill template  It's longer in the middle compared to the sides and features a new authenticity tag above the hem on the right side, and the Climacool logo above the left hem .

100% polyester.

Names and numbers  available:

Kroos #8

Ozil #10

Muller #13

On Request:Any other player or Custom N&N is available.