PUMA La Liga 1 Accelerate FIFA Quality Pro Soccer Ball

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PUMA presents the official game ball of La Liga. The Accelerate will be used for the majority of league games. The ball earns its name from the fast pace of the games and the fast pace of fans' hearts as they watch.

The traditional white ball features the colors of the La Liga logo and acceleration graphics.

- 8 panel construction with 3D textural PU surface for durability and less water uptake.
- New POE foam for a firmer touch and improved rebound consistency.
- Improved flight characteristics and increase shooting speed.
- High quality rubber bladder and PUMA Air Lock (PAL) valve for excellent air retention.

FIFA Quality Pro Certified. This ball passed the seven tests (weight, circumference, roundness, bounce, water absorption, loss of pressure and shape and size retention) for the FIFA Quality mark under even more demanding conditions.