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DERBYSTAR's BUNDESLIGA BRILLANT APS 19/20 is a top-class pawn with the highest quality ball, which is why it also has the approval "FIFA QUALITY PRO." In addition, from the 19/20 season, this ball is the official match ball of the Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga. All DERBYSTAR footballs are made of PU material and are therefore PVC-free. Because of this, they are softer and more accurate to play, their trajectory is more stable, the jumping behavior more precise and they remain supple even at low temperatures. PU balls are subject to a much longer lifespan than PVC balls. In addition, this ball has a new, innovative surface, in the form of a golf ball structure. This structure leads once again to a strong improvement in flight behavior. In addition, the DERBYSTAR balls are sewn together with 720 double bites and 60 corner bites and finally sealed with a double knot, which keeps the ball longer. In order to stabilize the football and maintain a round shape, DERBYSTAR is glued the 32 fields with several layers of textile materials.

Bundesliga game ball size 5 FIFA QUALITY PRO water repellent and also extremely soft and supple at foot Perfect game features thanks to: Patented zero-wing bubble for optimal round shape high-tech PU material (microfiber) hand stitching 2-year warranty on seam and shape suitable for all places