DERBY STAR Bundesliga 2019 Brilliant APS Official match ball

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The Bundesliga brilliant APS derbystar 2018-19 Official Match ball. Is  absolute top class with the highest quality ball ,  flexible even at low temperatures. A much higher lifetime than for PVC balls applies to PU balls. In addition, this ball has a new, innovative surface, in the form of a golf ball structure. This structure is once again a strong improvement of the Flugverhaltens. DERBY STAR are sewn balls with 720 double stitches and 60 corner stitches together and finally closed with a double knot, which holds the ball longer. The football to stabilize and maintain a round shape, the 32 fields with several layers of textile materials . This lower bonding also regulates the softness and improves the contact between ball and foot. Thus the DERBY STAR models are very water-repellent, guarantee an optimum stability and unique Spieleigenschaften.Durch the patented zero-wing bubble, which is made from high-performance natural latex, the ball remains as round as possible. Together with the integrated balance weight on the opposite end of the valve, the zero wing concept ensures a perfectly balanced . the double-lock valve,a high air-tightness and thus reduce the air leakage to a minimum.

2 years guarantee on the seam and form.